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Chinese New Year’s Parade Theme 2012 New Year’s Parades are a major part of Chinese New Year festivities. Chinese New Year parades celebrate the Year of the Sheep, also known as the “Year of the Ram,” which corresponds to the Chinese year 5777 and coincides with the Winter Solstice. New Year’s parades in the Chinese Lunar Calendar are called “San Kuai Gong,” which literally translates to “Three Virtue Parades,” and are held on the third, seventh and ninth day of the first month of the Chinese New Year. Each year, these parades are usually held on the third day of the first month of the Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year’s Day Parades 2013 The most famous New Year’s parade is the “Mandai Chuan” parade, or the Jade Emperor’s Procession. The Jade Emperor is the supreme ruler of the heavens in Chinese mythology. The Mandai Chuan parade has five images of Jade Emperor, followed by images of his imperial court, the four highest ranking deities of Chinese mythology, and most recently, the Heavenly Horse, the Divine King, the Tangren Jiaotong, the four divine ministers, and the three Taoist immortals. During the Mandai Chuan parade, there are often performers dressed in traditional costumes and sometimes performing dances or martial arts. Popular dances and martial arts include the Sichuan Huiguan (Dance of the Six Tiger Lions) and the Teochew Chong Guan (Dance of the Seven Elders). Some performers will have food, fireworks, and other items to hand out during the parade. You may also see performers carrying objects like baby dragons, bamboo baskets, and ornate canopies and parasols during the parade. The Parade of the Big Drum The “Big Drum” parade, or the Guangfu Chuan, is a smaller parade held on the same day as the Mandai Chuan. The Big Drum parade features a smaller number of performers than the Mandai Chuan, but it is generally a more intimate affair. The Big Drum parade is also held on the same day as the Mandai Chuan and is typically only performed by primary schools or businesses. Unlike the Jade Emperor’s Procession, the Big Drum parade does not have a strict set of rules. Although the Big Drum parade is ac619d1d87

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